15 July

What Notion Do You Get After Reading Bitdefender Total Security?

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The counting of online threats is rising each possible day and with this, Bitdefender has added a new variant to its antivirus i.e. Total Security. While this is the standardized version, but, there are some noteworthy changes over the years in this edition.

  • Total Security 2016: If you are looking for a mega-suite security for your antivirus, this is your reach. You would get utmost ransomware and spyware protection with speedup and cleaning tools. The performance of the system would optimize and it provides the facility of automatic online backups. If the real aim is to provide full protection to your devices on variant platforms, buy Bitdefender antivirus online at affordable price.
  • Total Security 2018: Why is there a need to install multiple products when you get all-in-one fix? This edition is a premier choice if you want a protection to the Windows, Mac OS, and Android devices at a time. This software covers even the minor malware threat and accommodates the updated features for ultra protection. It won’t even slow down your system and you can guard up to 10 different PCs. Also, this provides a family-oriented protection, making the parental control updated and excellent.
  • Total Security 2019: This version possesses a two-way firewall which covers the need of secure browser, password manager, and webcam protection. The Bitdefender antivirus online purchase has a lot to offer, you didn’t even hear of. It first finds and detect the malware and deletes them there and then. If your link or website is infected or spam, it would immediately block the phishing websites. This security manager scored 100 percent marks in all possible tests without any false positive.

If you are looking for the user-friendly features at low rates, you can also buy Bitdefender Internet Security or Antivirus Plus 2016. This cyber protection tool isn’t just dedicated to protecting your PC online, but also offline. Keep your system safer, faster, and better by learning the workings of this application with the help of appropriate experts. Here, you would get everything you are looking for!

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